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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

CASE THREE: (Squid Transformation)

David Meets Tinten Fisch Crone
    What a glorious night, no transformation, no sweaty wakeup call, only his mother instructing him to get out of bed. The ship is unloading and the guests are going to a beautiful resort on the black sand beach here in Honolulu, Hawaii.
    "Do you have everything you want David?" says his mother strictly.
    "Yes…where is dad?"
    "Right here son." says John as he carries a map in his pocket. "Why is it every time I come to Hawaii, I feel like I am in a foreign country?"
    "Unsure honey, did you bring the camera?"
    John stops and goes back for the camera, "Thank you for reminding me…Hawaii and no camera equals disaster!"
    As John, David, and Lisa cram into a car, they drive down a two lane highway heading to the fancy resort on the black sands beach, a sparkling beach with underwater caverns, lava walls and a deep abyssal only about 50 feet off the island.
    As they arrive, they were fortunate to get the bottom floor quarters, and as they enter, the fresh smell of coconuts and bananas delight their senses. David takes the room facing the water, while John and Lisa take the room facing the water also…lucky they got a corner room.
    David unpacks his books, toys and a journal he has just labeled: Enigma Files—Exotic Hybrid Sea-Life, which is all about his stages of transformation. When he is done with it, he plans to give it to Kathryn so she can add his story to the Enigma Files she is creating.
    As David sits down, looking over the card from Mrs. Sams, in walks his mother, who leans against the doorframe, "We're going out, want to tag along?"
    "I can't really, I promised I'd meet Tinten…I mean Tim today. But tomorrow I should be free!"
    Lisa pauses, "Well can it wait?"
    David shakes his head, "I must keep my word. That is the number one rule I learnt from dad."
    Lisa smiles, "It's good that you have your priorities in order," Lisa considers her actions, "Very well then, we'll let you stay here, but if you are in trouble call us, no matter the problem…remember, we're here for you."
    David smiles, "I know…thank you."
    Lisa exits David's room and soon David hears the car start and his mom and dad are off to do some shopping in Hawaii, not to be back until late tonight, about 7PM, 9PM at the least. As David writes in his journal, there comes a rat-tat-tat at the front door. David walks out of his room and peers through the peek hole to gaze upon Kathryn and Tim.
    David unlocks the door and lets them in.
    "How are you doing David?" asks Kathryn as she does a general look over his body, looking for anything that might show the transformation is progressing…nothing, he still looks human.
    "I'm doing well, how about yourselves?" asks David, trying to keep the conversation going.
    "I'm doing great, you feel up and able to try another transformation?" Kathryn looks at David, her eyes seeking his answer.
    David looks at Tim knowing it's his turn, "Depends, into what?"
    Kathryn looks at Tim, "This is your turn Tim. I can't speak for you." Kathryn looks at David, "He's a little shy."
    "Aren't we all?" David looks at Tim, "It's an honor to meet you Tinten Fisch Crone, but before I accept, I need to know what I will become to see if I want to do that."
    Tim looks about, then rests his eyes upon David, "As you know, I'm Tinten Fisch Crone, my name is who I am…Tintenfisch is German for squid."
    David looks at the small boy, trying to imagine him a squid, "A squid?"
    Tim nods him head, "Yep, I'm a full blown squid hybrid, actually more human than squid so I take on more characteristics of the human species then the squid species."
    "Hmm, what advantages do you have being a squid?" David scratches his chin, symbolizing thinking as custom to humanoids.
    Tim thinks about the question for a brief second, "Beside tentacles, squid are a diverse species, if you need to travel deep, the squid is the safest form to take, also, it helps to have a last line of defense against humans that would want to abduct you and sell you to a freak show."
    David looks at Kathryn, "I like the idea, I will need all the protection I can get and anyhow, I think being a squid might be…ah…interesting."
    "Good, want to do it now?" says Tim, his attitude changed for the best.
    "Sure, my parents are out of town, this would be the best time." David grabs a coat.
    Tim closes the windows, "We'll do it here."
    "Here…don't we need water to be safe?"
    "Yes and no…you'll only be a hybrid, so once your system goes into shock, you'll reform back, if we do this in the ocean, you'd be a squid, and transforming back into a human will be harder…better to be safe than sorry!"
    "Oh…thanks for the warning."
    Tim raises his hands, "Put your hands against mine."
    David presses his hands against Tim's, "Now what?"
    "Just wait a second…alright, that's it, enough DNA has been passed." Tim looks at Kathryn, "I suggest that we leave…becoming a squid can be embarrassing and gross, so you'll probably want privacy."
    "When will it happen?" David looks at the purplish-blue marking on his hands.
    "Unknown, it could happen now, it could happen in a few hours, give in two hours max." Tim opens the door and Kathryn leaves quickly, she wants to play in the surf, Tim turns around and with Kathryn out of ear-shot, he gives another warning. "You should know, squid are highly sexual species, and because that is so, your reproduction organ will speed up your transformation so keep it out of water for the next 2 hours unless you are totally ready." Tim sighs and looks outside then at David as David stands there dumbfounded, wondering what would happen. "Good luck David, I can't say want lies before you, but I can tell you this, it's not delightful."
David Transforms Into A Squid
    As Tim walks away, David closes the door and as he is alone inside the hotel room, he is genuinely frightened. He thought he was ready, but he does not like the idea that his penis might usher a weird and gross transformation. As David sits down on the sofa, he wonders what could be so bad if he gets his penis soaking wet. He has seen squid before, but can't figure how human anatomy would fit into squid anatomy.
    David was as nervous as he could be, he wanted to go outside, but he also wanted to stay inside. He turned on the television, but the knowledge that in two hours he will transform just made relaxing impossible. As David arises to his feet, he decides that he certainly does not want a soul to see him. He locks the door, closes all curtains and evacuates off to his room.
    Sitting on his bed, he reads one of his novels for about 40 minutes and is convinced to put down the book and break for lunch. David walks to the mini-kitchen and finds that his mom has left him some lunch…how thoughtful. David devours the meal and as he pours him a glass of water, he washes the meal down. Placing the glass down, he has a problem…the glass seems to be stuck to his hand. He pulls the cup off with the other hand, but the cup sticks to that hand. With the other hand, he pulls the glass off and the glass thuds against the counter. David looks at his hands and sees circles dotting his palm.
    "What the?" he murmurs. Just about then his stomach began to roll and convulse in tremendous pain. David doubles over and cradles his stomach as if he had the worst case of food poisoning. As David looks at his belly, two lumps poked up, they pressed against the skin but never broke it. It would seem that eating and drinking has triggered the transformation, but he is sure that it is drinking that sealed the deal.
    As the pain fades, David wonders what to do next, as David tries to walk across the tile floor; his feet are stuck…more-like being held by suction-cups. He knows that the change is coming soon and he also knows that he might need water…so it is clear…the bathroom is where he will transform. Like walking with suction-cups implanted into his feet, David's hold on the floor is released when his feet hit carpet and he is able to rush to the bathroom. As David leaves the carpet and steps onto the tile floor of the shower room, David is stuck once more.
    Immediately David pushes the plunger down in the tub and turns on the water. With his hand and arm soaking wet, David waits to see what will happen, but after a few seconds, nothing. David strips off his shirt, pants, and undergarment and places them on the toilet reservoir. As David sits on the toilet, he watches to see what happens…he knows that his inners are ramping for the change, but his human form seems to be fighting back. Looking at the tub, it is half-full with water already. David was going to turn off the water, but a sharp pain in his feet usher the beginning of the transformation. David gasped as his feet began to stretch and fuse while he felt the webbing between his fingers spreading, his hands becoming diamond like. The bones in his arms seemed to dissolve, making both his arms flimsy, flopping about as he tries to raise them.
    Hiding in his bathroom, David tries to grasp the door handle to shut and lock the door, but the lack of a thumb turns out to make locking doors very hard. Not wanting to give up, he uses his flabby arm, and uses the suckers on his palm to wrap around the lock and with a click, the door is secured.
    Sitting there on the toilet, his skin is becoming severely dry and the tub of water looks so inviting. Like a gigantic slug crawling across the floor, David finally arrives to the bathtub, drier than a cactus and wiggling around in pain as he feels the bones in his fused legs dissolve into a recognizable squid mantle.
    David musters all his might to crawl into the plastic tub and once in, David is overwhelmed by new sensations of pleasure and relief. With no legs and no arms, David tries to prop himself up to get his penis out of the water, but his rubbery arms cannot lift his heavy body. With the suction cups, David pulls himself forward in the tub, but as one of his arms hits a dial, it turns on the tubs jets and the tub begins to pulsate water against his body. As he grasps the rail, the jetting water hits hit penis and causes him to become erect.
    Without any idea or concern, the transformation focuses on his reproductive. The transformation causes his penis to screech towards one of the jets, as the penis shrinks to the size of a pencil, it forces its way into the nozzle of the jet and immediately swells to seal tightly within the jet.
    Once a wave of pleasure soothed him, now a wave of pain causes him to thrash upward, hopping to pull his penis out of the jet, but it's stuck. The more he pulls back; his penis seems to stretch longer. As the water jets into his penis, the water has nowhere to go, but the body is using every drop of water to speed up his transformation. The penis swells like a balloon then pops off the jet like a propelled rocket.
    In sheer pain, David looks down and sees that his penis is much longer then before and seems to be translucence. With his penis stretched and sore, David does his best not to let it touch anything, but as his nipples push out of his chest like a wriggling pink worm, they immediately go to his penis. Both of his nipple-tentacles thicken to about two inches in diameter, but only his left nipple took interest in his modified penis.
    As he felt the tentacle penetrate the little hole, it move deeper into his foreskin, seeming to make it stretch. David's mind was filled with fear and curiosity, why was this happening to him, why this? David did not know the answer, only that he has one of his nipples thrashing around in his penis, stretching it beyond its human limits; both his arms were like two gigantic tentacles, his legs, beginning to completely fuse together.
    It was about this point when David noticed that his feet and legs were beginning to fuse; a tremendous pain as if a Charlie Horse cramped in your toes were the signs that all his digits were stretching out into the form of what looked like the tip of a squid's mantle.
    His arms lengthened a bit more and thicken up, rippling with muscles. Although David did not know, his arms were now a genuine squid whip.
    The squid's mantle now covered most of his lower legs and began to fill out in his groin with the grey mass. David's penis was forming a hollow tube, it didn't even resemble a human penis anymore, but David could not have known this either, for he had other issues to deal with. The nipple tentacle moved about, seeming to stretch, grow, and dig deeper into his anatomy, rearranging it into something he could not fathom.
    David felt protrusions in his throat as some ungodly object forced its way up his neck. David began dry heaving as the protrusions forced their way up, he was sure that he was going to die. Opening his mouth, he coughs up two slimy tentacles, the feeling is utterly disgusting. As they wriggle about, David can't speak, barely can breathe.
    On his cheeks, two more tentacles break through the skin followed by two more tentacles that have broken through the base of his neck. As they grow larger, David cringes in pain and horror. This transformation is worse than the dolphin transformation he had to go through.
    Unable to breathe, he felt his chest open and drawing the water in as his body absorbed the oxygen with his new gills and ejected the deoxygenated water out his penis which now takes on the shape of a siphon.
    The tentacles around his head grew longer while his arm-like tentacles drew in closer to his body, the shoulders popping and fusing directly pointing above his body, making his tentacles swarm around his head.
    Thrashing about in pain, his teeth began fusing, calcium filling in-between, thickening and pushing out his lips, his teeth were developing into a solid white beak while his young ocean blue eyes grew larger, dilated, and the pupils grew, filling up the whites of his eyes.
    The tentacles around his head grew longer and larger as the skin around the tentacles thicken, built up in mass to support the tentacles. All of his salmon-colored human skin changed into a bluish-grey rubbery flesh, all his bones dissolved, becoming a cartilaginous structure.
    If his parents came home now, he would have no way of defending himself, no way to ask for help, or to even let them know he was their son, which at this point they would have a hard time believing him.
    As David's nose shrank, completely sealing up and his mouth fused into a sharp, powerful squid beak, his eyes moved completely to the sides of his head and grew large, about the size of silver dollars. With one blink the human pupils were replaced with squid pupils and as he looked about the room, everything was strange, everything was so enlarged, and he could see all the imperfections of this room with these eyes instead of his human eyes.
    As David tries to come to terms to what he has just become. Feeling himself, trying to come to terms with what he is, and it's all too strange for him to comprehend.
    As the rays of the sun shine through the skylight on the bathroom ceiling, David looks up at the sun, the rays nearly blind him. Squid tend to be very sensitive to light, and David has just found this out firsthand.
    Knowing it must be getting late, he tries to concentrate on changing back into his human form, but it's never easy. He tries to pull himself out of the water with his tentacles, but actually mastering all the tentacles on his face and arms is harder than it looks. Using the suction cups, he literally sucks his way up the tubs wall and falls with a sickening splat onto the tile floor.
    Lying there on the floor, David pants as the water exits his body. Without the pressure of water, his form collapses, his body flattens and breathing is like having an asthma attack…David panics in the mind as his gills starve for water.
Changing Back
    Knowing that his parents would be back soon, David knew he had a major problem on his hands.
    Lying on the floor, all David could do is pant desperately, feeling his gills suck in air. The feeling hurt like being stabbed in the chest.
    Immediately those gills changed into two lobes of lungs, and the air tube called the trachea reattached to the bronchitis and David took in his first deep breath of air.
    Finally breathing on his own, with the aid of lungs, he felt this pulling sensation as the tentacles at the base of his neck, the tentacles on his cheeks and in his mouth retreated back into his flesh.
    His cartilage shoulder blades popped back in place, pointing his arms back downward, as his arms begin to shrink, and take on the resemblance of human arms.
    Although his arms were pushed back into his own arms position, his hands were still diamonds with suckers upon them.
    David's face began to tingle as a sickening pop forced out his nose and two holes were formed that were supported by cartilage to widen the hood of his nose to form a human nose.
    Inside his mouth, his squid's beak breaks into 24 segments and calcium erupts through the gums and the human teeth take form. Feeling around his mouth with his tongue, he feels his teeth, the smooth lips, and the hard ridges on his upper plate take form and the powerful beak regresses into a weak human jaw.
    The two tubes that have grown in his chest disappear, melting back into the bluish-grey flesh as if they never existed. The two nipple tentacles slowly pulled back into his chest, and the bluish-grey flesh slowly turned back to its salmon-pink hue, then to an ice white hue, which was common of his skin tone after his encounter with Kathryn.
    With his skin changed from bluish-grey to white, all that was left of the squid was the diamonds for hands, his enlarged eyes, the mantle and the siphon, other than that, he appeared to be about thirty-five to forty percent human.
    Soon, David finds that sight is utterly impossible as his eyes move from the sides of his head to the front, transgressing back into their human form, and soon David can see like he has seen all his life.
    With his head back to its former self, David is revealed to know he can see and hear and smell like a regular human, but at once he senses that there is trouble in the air.
    Voices, voices in the house, voices of his parents, they got home to early. Being as quiet as he can be, he focuses back on being human, and once again, more of his body makes the change back into human form, bones finally grow in his chest as ribs pop into place making his flesh ripple with each rib. Bones begins to form in his arms, dividing the arm into two segments, upper and lower arm.
    As the mantle begins to dismantle itself, it releases his legs and all that is left of his mantle is the flesh flipper for feet.
    "David, we're home." says his mother.
    "David?" says his father, but in a concern tone.
    It's clear that his parents are concern, but David does not dare speak, he needs to get out of this form, if his parents see him, how embarrassing would that be! To be seen as a half-human, half-squid creature with diamonds for hands, a siphon for a penis, no groin, and flippers for feet, surely they would never-ever let him out of their sight, ever!
    As David concentrates on his feet, he feels his toes rip out of the flesh, the arch form as the flipper thickens into a foot, turning upright due to the ankle.
    Able to stand, David stagers to his feet and with has diamond hand grasp his shirt and slips it on.
    Even if he completely makes the change back into his human form, he surely does not want to be caught naked, that would be harder to explain then being part squid.
    With his shirt on, David knows that he must focus on his groin and penis, something that he does not do, for he is way too young to care about his sexual maturity, but as the skin separates to form his groin, he has more flexibility to move about, and the ability to slip on his undergarments and pants is once again capable.
    "David?" cries his mother as she looks around.
    David knows that he must respond, or they will never forgive him and leave his alone ever again. David unlocks the door and looks around to make sure there is nothing that might be left to hint that he was a squid.
    "I am in the restroom," David knows that he must cover-up these transformations, and as his diamonds shift shape back into hands, David hurries to the toilet and plots down in time, grabs a newspaper and pretends to be reading it.
    Just in time, the door opens and there stands his mom and dad.
    "Can I at least have some privacy?" barks David, knowing that they might do this, fearing that he may be hurt.
    "Are you alright honey?" says his mom, looking at her son.
    "What the hell happened in here?" says David's dad, "Why is there water all over the place?"
    "I was cleaning, and then needed to go, is that a crime?" exclaims David, trying to place the blame on his dad, even though he does not want to.
    His dad is sort of speechless, but just nods, "Good to see you taking some responsibilities son." John turns and walks back to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Then stops and turns to face Lisa, "Lisa honey, leave the boy to his business."
    Lisa turns and nods "I'll be right there John, Lisa walks into the restroom, looks at the filled tub, then at the water. "You know David; if you're having any problems, don't feel scared to talk to your father or me." She walks over to her son, "We understand this is a hard time for you, but we still love you." Lisa turns and closes the door as she leaves David in peace.
    As David stands up, out flops his siphon. David looks down at it, his heart filled with sickness, hatred and anger. David closes his eyes and thinks about his human form, he can't leave this restroom with a siphon for a reproductive organ.
    Slowly, the squid penis inside the siphon grows larger and larger, as the siphon is pulled back into his groin, making the new human organ emerge and soon that horror is over.
    As David stands looking over himself, he does not see any squid organs upon him. David sighs with great relief, twice he narrowly escaped being noticed, this was becoming too much a life style for him. As he pulls up his undergarments over his organ, he zips up his pants and washes his hands, he feels just to filthy with all this transformation.
    Opening the door, he walks to joins his mom and dad who sit around the table, just staring at him.
    "What was really going on son?" says John as he sips a steaming cup of Joe then looks back up to see what reaction his son will produce.
    David just stands there, wondering what to say, "I told you what was going on dad, I was cleaning."
    John lays down was cup softly and stands up and walks over to his son. He places his hands upon David's shoulders, "Your mum and I don't believe that is totally the truth son, we want to help you, but we need you to believe in us."
    "But I do, I—"
    John places a finger gently over his son's lips to silence him, "No, no you don't. You see, your mother and I knew your mother, she was gorgeous, she was bright and she held a secret that almost went with her to her grave." David's eyes look about; all this is so disturbing for him.
    "Your mum was a brilliant woman, but she told us that she was not human, not even from this world and we failed to believe her." John takes his hands off David's shoulders, "She was an alien, a mixture of hundreds of races, but every time she came encounter with a new creature she became it and she tried to hide it from us. We know that the same is happening to you son, that is why we sheltered you all these years."
    "What am I?" cries David in anguish.
    David's mom, Lisa stands up and shelters David by the arms gently, "You are our son David, my baby, but your father and I must know what you need in order to help you. We want to comfort you. We want you to trust us and not hide these transformations from us. We're all in this together."
    David thinks about the proposal, but he is too embarrassed to agree. "It's too embarrassing to just let you watch, even I don't like it…it's so scary."
    "We know," says David's mom, "We know you're scared, this is not supposed to be happening to a human, but it is. We at first thought that maybe you did not inherited the ability to change, but we're glad we we're wrong."
    "Why would you want this to happen?" David looks at his mom, then his dad, it's apparent that they know the answer to this question also.
    "When your mom died, she told us that she had a horrible secret…there are no more of your race," David's face turns bland and his eyes stare off into nothingness, "But your mother was happy…she had you."
    "What was her name, and why did you never tell me this?" says David in a hurt tone of voice.
    "Your mum and I made a deal that we would say not a word about this unless you asked first, we didn't want you to suffer to think that we did not love you because you are not of our flesh, blood or species." John sits down; this whole ordeal has been quite stressful for him.
    "David, we're so sorry, I know you have the right to hate us, we only did what we thought best for you." Lisa's voice is so stressed, but she manages to continue, "Your father and I will be with you to the end of this, we did not abandon your mom, we will not abandon you."
    David releases himself from his adoptive mothers grasp and collapses into a chair to weep over the idea of not being John and Lisa Dry's son, worse, not being human.
    "Who was my mother, did she have a name?" says David as tears roll down his face.
    "Her name was Katharina'lenn'ira'merranic'cline Asthmatischer, but we called her Katharina Asthmatischer, like your father said, she was beautiful, no blemishes, no flaws, she had the deepest blue eyes, dirt-water blonde hair and ice-white skin, just like you dear."
    "Who is my father," David looks over to his dad, "No disrespect father."
    "None taken," John looks over to Lisa, there appears to be a problem with this question.
    Lisa takes a seat across from David and places her hands into her lap, "Honestly David, we don't know."
    "So mom was not married, I was wedlock?" David feels more disgusted over this, no wonder his parents would not tell him.
    "No, I don't think so David, you misunderstand me," David listens in, wondering where he went wrong. "I don't think your mother never needed a man to impregnate her."
    "That's impossible!" exclaims David.
    "True, for a human, but remember honey, you're not quite that human, actually." says Lisa as she sips on her glass of orange.
    "What am I then mom" says David as he looks over to his dad, "Dad?"
    Lisa shakes her head, "We don't know honey."
    David lies back in the chair, "So I'm not human?" David shakes his head, "So weird, I feel like a human."
    Lisa and John look at one another, they don't know how to explain this or what to say. John is the one to break the silence, "Whatever you may be son, you are our son, no matter if you're an alien. If you're of a different world; we will always love you."
Meeting Back With Tim And Kathryn
    David, John and Lisa sit about reminiscing about the past, too caught up in the fact that what is occurring now is now. David has just listened to the most gut wrenching news he has ever heard. He thought having his reproductive organ turned into a siphon was weird, but this is beyond weird, this is horrible.
    Since David was tired of hearing news he does not know, he just lays back wondering what a true human feels.
    "Mom, dad," says David, tired of sitting around, "If you don't mine, I think I'll go out for a while."
    Lisa sits up as if she was shocked, "But you might need us?"
    "Mom, I'll be fine, if I think I feel myself changing, I will call you. Is this okay?" David looks at his mom and dad, but they know they don't have sway over him; anyway, they can't keep him locked up everywhere, he is not a monster, he is their son.
    Lisa nods, "Very well, but you will call us every half an hour."
    David was about to argue, but John stops him, "And where are you going?"
    David stops, he really does not know, that is a very good question. "To the beach, if we are to be here on vacation, then I would like to enjoy myself before going back to Seattle."
    "Won't you be in danger next to the water David!" says Lisa, hoping her son would reconsider.
    "This planet is covered in 97 percent of salt water, I can't go throughout life fearing it, and anyway, if I need help, I will call you."
    David grabs his coat and kisses his mom goodbye and rushes out the door to head to the coast. As John and Lisa look at one another, Lisa shakes her head in disbelief.
    "Oh John, where did we go wrong?" says Lisa as she chokes on her emotions.
    "Nowhere honey, we taught him everything and he is right, he is growing up and he needs to experience life with someone who understands. Let him go about and learn, the faster he does so, the more control he will have over his abilities." John lays his cup of coffee down and stands up to walk out the pain of emotions, "I wish our son would trust us although, but he is so frightened and confused."
    "How did he learn to change himself?" Lisa thinks about the question she asked then comes up with a radical idea. "There can someone else teaching him how to awaken his natural abilities; he goes out always by himself, but not with us!"
    "He's a growing boy Lisa, he wants privacy, he wants to be alone, most boys do when they are about to begin puberty." John picks up his cup of coffee and sips the cold fluid.
    "Maybe it is for the best John," she stands up and hugs him, but not out of love, but out of the need to be comforted.
    At the beach, David scans the water for the signs of either Kathryn or Tim, but does not see them, as he continues to stare at the water, his eyes penetrate the choppy waves and his mind races through the water, scanning all the fish until his mind comes upon two individual creatures, a human-dolphin hybrid and a human-squid hybrid, they seem to be playing tag, Kathryn the dolphin against Tinten the squid.
    It appears that Tinten is 'it' and is trying to tag Kathryn; as his whip tentacle, but hits Kathryn's face and breaks the skin, so Kathryn stops in mid swim.
    "Ouch!" she manages to say in a high pitch voice. Tinten would have apologized, but due to the tentacles in his throat, he can't speak.
    As Kathryn and Tim resurface, they are coming to the shore. David breaks connection with them and watches the surface of the water and suddenly out emerges Tim and Kathryn in human form, clothed and laughing, except Kathryn is holding her face as blood courses down her cheek.
    Kathryn senses David before seeing him and calls out, "Hello David, I see that you made it!"
    "Are you alright Kathryn?" says David as he glances over to Tim, but then back at Kathryn, he would rush over to her, but he is sort of creep out about the ocean.
    "I'm alright, just a cut—"
    "Let me see," Exclaims David.
    "No, it's all right."
    David is standing next to her, "Please, let me help."
    Kathryn removes her hand and there across her forehead is a nasty slash with a barb stuck in her skin.
    Kathryn sits down upon a rock as David pulls out the barb and looks at it, "This is a squid barb."
    How did you know that?" says Kathryn, sort of shock the he would know.
    "Don't you remember? I just felt what it's like to be a squid."
    "And how did you like it?" interrupts Tinten, eager to know.
    "I didn't like it! I thought changing into a—" David stops as a stranger passes by then begins again. "I thought changing into a dolphin was weird, but do you know what happens when you transform into a squid…your, ah, well you know, the male organ—"
    "We get it!" exclaims Kathryn quickly to save David the trouble.
    David looks at Kathryn's wounds, "That is a deep cut." David takes a handkerchief and whips off the blood, but his finger touches the wound and this causes Kathryn tremendous pain.
    "What was that?" yells Kathryn, in pain and letting both David and Tim know about it.
    "Sorry, I just wiped off the blood." David gets up and scurries off afraid of being hurt, Kathryn and Tim looks at David, but Kathryn calls out. "David!" Kathryn watches David run off and soon is out of sight.
    Tim watches the horizon in shock and confusion, "He must have thought you were going to hurt him!" Tim watches the horizon, "Something is not alright with him."
    Tim looks at Kathryn and notices that the cut has disappeared, "Kathryn…your cut…it's gone!"
    Kathryn feels around and can't find it, "I don't believe it! He healed the wound!" Kathryn stands up, "Oh my God, David!"
    Kathryn runs off in the direction of David as Tim follows closely behind. As they reach the Black Sand beaches, there they see David, sitting cross legged in the black sand.
    "David?" says Kathryn kindly, trying not to startle him.
    "Hello Kathryn," David notices that her cut is gone, "Your cut?"
    "I know, gone." Kathryn smiles and sits by David, Tim does the same, but on the other side.
    "How did you do it?" said Tim, as he looked at Kathryn red stained forehead.
    "I don't know…is it weird to say that I'm adopted."
    Kathryn looks at Tim with a glance of surprise, as he say, "You're adopted?"
    David nods, "I just learned today, my real mother, she was like me, but I don't know what that is."
    "Who was your mother?" said Tim.
    David thinks about it, "Her name was Katharina'lenn'ira'merranic'cline Asthmatischer, wow, I can't believe I got it all correct."
    "Did you say Katharina'lenn'ira'merranic'cline?" asks Tim.
    "Yes, you know her?" asks David, excited that someone else might know her.
    Tim looks at Kathryn, "David, you mothers name is known by most of those who call themselves a Hybride, but we promised not to speak about her until you are fully changed into an Asthmatischer." said Tim.
    David is so confused but looks down at the ground, "An Asthmatischer, so that is what I am?"
    Kathryn hits Tim, "You were not supposed to say anything Tinten!" Kathryn looks at David, "We're not going against you David; we are only trying to help you to understand yourself."
    David nods, "I understand, I'm not angry at you, just disappointed. I am so lost in knowing who I am, and all this transformation is just so weird!"
    Kathryn smiles, "Yes it can be, but we'll be here for you David, right Tinten?"
    Tinten smiles, you betcha, I have a lot of respect for you, sense you went through being a squid…it's possibly the weirdest transformation, but trust me, you'll find many other odd transformations."
David looks at Kathryn and smiles, "Well it looks like you found someone for you journal Kathryn."
    Tim looks at Kathryn, "What journal?"
    Kathryn looks at Tim, "It's a long story, but it's called the Enigma Files, a woman created the first Enigma Files on aliens, I am writing about us."

E.F.A.S.L.--PT3--Squid by CrystallineEvolution

/ / / / ©2011-2015 CrystallineEvolution
Mature Content
The Enigma Files: Aquatic Hybrid Sea-Life
Book 2 of: The Enigma Files: Children Of Hybride

David’lenn’delfin’tintenfisch’butzkopf’griffzapfen’meerjungfrau Asthmatischer Dry
Son of Katharina Asthmatischer, he is a 13 year old resident of Seattle, Washington.
David is also adopted by Lisa & John Dry who have never told him about his connections to the Hybride. It isn't until later when David learns that his human form is no more then an organic shell covering turmoil of unstable DNA that threatens to mutate him into a creature never seen on Earth with the ability to be asexual and sexual.
Although David struggles to survive in a changing athmosphere, he still has the ability to form a little romance with two hybride.

Delyn Asthfibrosis
Daughter of David (Syra) Johnston Asthmatisher, she is a 9 year old Mermaid-Siren. Not much is known yet about her.

Kathryn Aquas
Daughter of Michelle & Mark Aquas, Kathryn is much older then she looks even though she is only 13 years old.
Once known as Jake Tirvitz, Jake was infected by the Hybride gene when the Grey's attacked Earth back in 2214. Kathryn is now a Bottlenose Dolphin-Human Hybride that has a massive crush of David Dry. Her compassion for him moved her to activate the dormant Hybride gene on accident.

Tinten Fisch Crone
Son of Joseph Crone, Tinten has been an outcast for the last 12 years of his life. Always knowing about his abilities, Tinten has perfected himself into a formidable hybride of squid and human. Tinten currently lives in Bremerton, Washington along with his dad, Joseph.

Ira Krash
Daughter of Rachael Krash, Ira is a 12 year old Orca-Human Hybride. Ever since she was a child, Ira has known that she has been a hybride and with the help of her loving mother, she has embraced her being.
When David Dry meet Ira, Ira and her mother then learned that they are not alone, it's still to be certain if Ira and her mother will join the war against the Sirens.

Mira Crystan
13yrs, Asthmatisher Mermaid

Katharina’lenn’ira’merranic’cline Asthmatischer
Mother to David Dry, David Johnston, and Jake, only David Dry is truly her own flesh and blood.
Katharina, or also known as Kathryn is possibly one of the most mysterious characters of all Hybride. Her origins are unknown along with the facts about what she actually looks like. There are hints with David Dry that this severe case of secrecy might be due to the fact that she possibly looks like a monster.

Lira Serena
Once known as Lyra Serena Serane, she took up her role as Queen of the Sirens.
Lira, although enemy to the Asthmatisher's has a crush for David Asthmatisher Dry. Only time will tell if a romance will ever develop between the two.

Michelle Aquas
Michelle's life has seen many cold winters as the Grey's war on Earth lands two children, Jake and Joseph into her care. With all the care she had to give, the Hybride gene infected her and transformed her into a half Bottlenose Dolphin, half Giant Squid, half human hybride.
Michelle does not express her abilities and due to the lack of transformation has made her bitter and 'stuck-up'. Michelle is great friends with Katharina and we can only hope that she will serve the Asthmatisher's war with the sirens.

Joseph Crone
Father to Tinten, Joseph is possibly one of the most standoffish people in the resistance. Joseph was once a normal human being that was infected with the Hybride gene and after becoming half male, half female, half human, half giant squid; he became pregnant with his only son, Tinten. Joseph's interest in the upcoming war is still quite unclear.

Nancy Sams
Like most of the hybride, Nancy Sams has lived one hell of a life. Once known as Nancy Lachinko, Nancy changed her name to save face for her family. Being of Japanese background, Sams transformed into a Japanese Koi-Human Hybride.
Nancy likes to tease that she is 160 years old, but she is only 49 years old. Nancy currently lives with her husband, George in Seattle, Washington.

George Sams
George, like Nancy use to be a normal human until he married Nancy. Knowing the risk, the first time they made out, the mating caused George to transform into a Japanese Koi-Human hybride like his wife Nancy. Not much is known on what George does beside the fact that he is a supporter of the resistance.

Rachael Krash
Mother to Ira, Rachael was only a girl herself when she was experimented on by the Grey's and transformed into an Orca-Human Hybride. Rachael married at age 15 and was soon pregnant with Ira. During one mating, she transfomed and her bulky body crushed her lover. To this day, Rachael does not talk about the accident.

Kami Tang
Kami Tang ironically is a Tang-Human Mermaid Hybride. Like so many other hybride, Kami was just one of many victims transformed by the Grey's into a hybride. To this day, the 25 year old has not married, but is great friends with Katharina Asthmatisher.

Jake (Syra) (David Johnston) Asthmatischer
Possibly one of the most confusing of all Asthmatischer's would be Jake. Jake, once known as David Johnston was infected by the hybride gene and soon after was age regressing into a 7 year old. This is about when he changed his name into Jake. When Jake turned 13 years old, he transformed into a female Asthmatisher Mermaid named Syra. Soon after, Syra joined her mother, Katharina to wage war against the Sirens.

Tia Marone
Alien hybrid from the United States of America

Dreamer, Lives in Egypt, Has Terminal Cancer

Lisa Dry
The mother of David Dry, she lives in Seattle with her husband John. She is good friends with Katharina Asthmatisher and also Lira Serena. She joined the resistance after her husband was murdered by the Siren.

John Dry
The father of David Dry, he lives in Seattle with his wife Lisa. John has been kept in the dark about the Hybride just like his son David. He was transformed into a siren/hybride when the Sirens attacked Juneau, Alaska.

Captain Mark Aquas
The father of Kathryn Aquas, he is a long shore sailor and compassionate, loving husband to Michelle. Mark has seen some strange activity on the oceans and even though he is just a normal human being, he is one of the leaders of the Asthmatisher resistance.

“What people have said about the Enigma Files:

--Wow. This is amazing. Transformation is always a radical concept. It was probably a pain describing how the transformation happened (I have a slightly crippled mind's eye. I don't visualize well on my own.) Keep going, this sounds like it’s headed somewhere big. ~Ryengu

--I love this! It is the best story I have ever read! Wow! ~Hentia-tf

--Oh Lord. ~NiveusFax

--Bah dam buhm duhm buhm! I'm lovin it. ~Immortalshippo


Chapter 1--Bottlenose Dolphin Transformation

Chapter 2--Japanese Koi Transformation

Chapter 3--Squid Transformation

Chapter 4--Orca Transformation

Chapter 5--Regal Tang Transformation

Chapter 6--Silver Salmon Mermaid Transformation

Chapter 7--Siren Mermaid Transformation

Chapter 8--Siren-Human Breeders

Chapter 9--Mermaid Age Regression / The Dreaming

Chapter 10--Transformation Card Game Transformation / The Dreaming
Chapter 10--Heading South Into Hiding
DrakentheWyvernLord Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Whoa. Very accurate details,I love how you described the transformation....Makes me wish I was a weird alien race able to change into any animal,it'd be sweeeet.
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